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plastic hub cap removal tool Place hooked end in slot on hubcap, finger in loop and pull. org/Purchasing the right tool to remove or install your. Remove the plastic washers from the l. Simplifies the removal of hub and wheel caps; Speeds wheel service and reduces damage to the wheel; Unique Slide Hammer design eliminates prying against the wheel finish and potential scratches Here's how to take off and reinstall a plastic wheel cover on a 2009 Toyota Corolla without breaking it. C. In addition there are 4. Get product details, choose a store, and get directions. Find plumbing wrenches & specialty tools at Lowe's today. P. 99 $ 9 . Can be used with any slide hammer having a 5/8"-18 male thread or the included 5/8"-18 x 5 1/2" lopng forcing screw. 99 Search Results For "Hubcap Removal Tool" 159 Items. I have a metal tool that works pretty well, but I need . Anyone know where the plastic wheel nut cover is located in the boot of the S4 avant? Can't see one in the toolkit! Looks like this: Look at this. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the most frequently specified of all thermoplastic materials because of its light weight, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Harbor Freight sells the plastic tools, for removing plastic pieces, the dog dish caps, and much more, I have had a. Some flat face wheels have a bolt holding them on for added security. Tool Wrench, Removal Of Chrome Plastic Lug Nut Covers. The bolts were removed with the tool but the hub caps will not come out. ). Maximum stud standout 4”. The reason I was having difficulty removing the plastic hub cap was due to the washer that the hub cap fits over. Delivery weight: 0. Use a short handle rubber mallet for application. Nut Caps Bolt Rims Nuts fit 17mm & Removal Tool. Just keep the blade at an angle to avoid damaging the piece, and remember safety at. The set is in a easy to open plastic case and it includes the following: GM Hubcap lock remover, GM sprocket hubcap lock remover, Ford and Chrysler hub cap lock remover, large universal locking lug nut remover, large wheel cover lock remover, oversize wheel lock remover, Corvette - GM "M" and "F" body wheel lock remover, stripped 18mm lug nuts, Corvette and GM lock remover, 19mm 3. Where is the plastic wheel lug cover puller located? I've been staring at my tool compartment for 20 minutes and can't find this thing. 55-0. Silver Plastic Hubcap with Black . hubcaps. Dodge Neon and a couple Sebring models used this system. (See video Below) Related: hub cap removal tool. The NIBCO 6 in. The STEELMAN 75031 Hub Cap Remover is the heavy duty tool that makes light work of hub and dust cap removal. 1 x Plastic Wheel Nut Cover Removal Tool. Thanks The third retention system uses plastic caps (fig. 4. 2 Jul 2013. How the hell do you get stock hubcaps off easily? Man those things are on tight. JEGS Hub Cap Hammer | 14” Long | Ideal for Removing Hub Caps or Wheel Covers and Installing Them Without Damage | Plastic Handle With Rubber Faced Hammer Shop for OTC Hub Cap Removal Tool Part #: 5758 for your vehicle. Do it gently going all the way around slowly. I need the part no. Now I can take off and re- install those plastic add-on hub caps with ease and without fear of damaging them. Jul 02, 2010 | 1984 Buick Skylark 2 Answers Bicycle tire removal tool - made of plastic, strong enough to pull the cap off. Hubcap Mounting Tool * High Quality Mounting Tool * Install Hubcaps In Seconds * Place Hubcap In The Mounting Tool * Align With The Hub, And Hit The Protruding End Of The Mounting Tool * Sold Individually * Warranty On Mounting Tool Against Defects In Workmanship & Material From Date Of Purchase Jul 15, 2014 · Bob, I use a very wide long flat screwdriver and a small piece of 1 inch board (to protect the wheel paint) and pry slowly at 3 or 4 points around the cap. NEW. Plastic hub cap. Category. The opposite end has a rubber bumper used to re‐install the cap with a simple tap. 4) Pull straight out, cap will pop right off with no damage or scratches (fig. 30 Dec 2007. Always use the “Hand Tool” provided with your car or truck to carefully unscrew each plastic lug nut. $2. They take on the dirty job of blocking dust and debris from entering into your car's wheel hubs, which is one of the most important ways any driver can protect their vehicle against the rigors of the road. 3. The tool for removing the plastic star center cap was in the glove box in my vehicle. Unique slide hammer design eliminates prying against the wheel finish and potential scratches. However, how to remove the scratches depends on how deep they are. The proper removal procedure is as follows: Look in the trunk for the wheel caps puller, it looks like the number #6 or #9 with a little bent piece at the end; Insert into any one of the holes that look like hex nuts around the cap (fig. that, or use the lug wrench, the end of it is slightly curved up to stick. 23 Nov 2019. Note that the driver's side hub nut is liable to be left hand thread. 6 Mar 2016. Lastly, you will find quality billet aluminum wheels caps from Flat 4 for BRM, and Vintage Porsche Wheel caps. Once that is removed, there is no apparent way to remove the aluminum cover . I want to buy the plastic tool to install the the bmw center cap of a wheel, so I can remove and install the tire myself (for change brake pad etc. I have used these for several years with perfect results. Im going to damage the paint on them prying. 29 Dec 2013. Mar 04, 2014 · Find Sunex 2840 Sunex Tools Wheel Lock and Hub Cap Removal Kits and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Sunex Tools wheel lock and hub cap removal kits are designed to remove and replace most hubcap locks on GM, Ford, Chrysler, and aftermarket wheel lug locks without the original factory key. Jul 24, 2016 · Wheel centre cap removal tool is in with the tool roll behind the RHS boot trim (S/B anyway) :- SOLD : 2015 S3 Sportback in Daytona. 1132: Hubcap Removal Tool - 56 - 1 Per car: $10. 12 kg. Read on to learn how to remove a hubcap. The notch is designed for easier removal of the center cap. the correct tool for hubcap installation and for wheel cover removal. GSSUSA Black and Silver Hub Caps 15 Inch Hubcaps Wheel Covers Car Accessories Plastic Hubcaps Snap on Atuo Tire Rim Replacement Exterior Cap 4 Pack 3. The only way to properly install your POP-ON hubcap is with a special hubcap tool made specifically for this purpose. It works as expected. Reply. 11 Sep 2008. Simply genius. Ideal for Removing Hub Caps or Wheel Covers Without Damage | Plastic Handle. If your ŠKODA is equipped with wheel bolt covers, you need a special tool to remove the bolt cover in case the wheel is removed. But on the steel wheels there's nothing. Once I was able to get. Problem is when removing the caps the metal tool gouges the wheel and will in time. a nylon trim tool removing pry tool from the back side of the wheel as . (2) 2 product ratings - #C 02-10 Volkswagen Golf / 99-06 Jetta 15" 10 SPOKE HUB CAP OEM 1J0-601-147-N Get the best deals on Hub Caps for Land Rover. We also have an assortment of VW hub cap pullers and tools to install new clips and rivets on your 5 lug wheels. I was using a screw driver to try and pry off the hub cap. Plastic Carrying Case ○ Directions for. When it's time to replace a hubcap, it can be a challenge if you have never had a flat tire or removed them before. CAUTION! These caps are held in place by molded-in internal extrusions that snap over a large round flat washer underneath. center cap removal tool, centercap removal tool, wheel cap tool Save $10 off $299, $20 off $699, $30 off $899, $100 off $1,899 Orders - Promo Code: HIGHGEAR exclusions apply Mar 12, 2013 · Harbor Freight non marring scraper set - made of plastic. Universal Silver Tone Plastic Wheel Nut Lug Hub Screw Rim Bolt Covers Dust Protection Caps with Removal Tool Clip for Automotive FOB Price: US $ 0. You may need to replace a dinged or scraped hubcap, which can happen from parking too close to or hitting a curb. Our caps come with a variety of liner options including pressure sensitive, heat induction, foam and more. Hubcap removal tool. Looks like the number 9 with a hook on the end. $5. The wide, angled prying blade lets you get a . Using a wide tipped removal tool, gently pry up at the solid areas of your wheel cover, in between the openings. Visually inspect the wheel face and locate the notch in between the center cap and the wheel. If your car has snap-on hub caps, slide your screwdriver under the first hub cap and gently pry it away from the wheel. Buy New Tweezers Wheel Nut Cap Removal Tool at Amazon UK. Set the wheel cover aside in a safe place. Made of durable chromoly steel tools are constructed with a tapered / keyed cylinder design that bites into the metal of lugs as well as wheel / hubcap locks for easy removal. org/Step by step Youtube video on "How to paint hubcaps & center caps" from your own home. It's . Id appreciate any help before i take a hammer to them Sep 27, 2016 · I managed to get one off with a plastic trim tool but cannot get any others off. Pry off wheel "cap" (without damage)?. Cap - Hub Grease - Order 2 Per car: $3. 95. 20" DOME SHAPE $10. E) have outside threads that accommodate the plastic caps Results 1 - 16 of 239. Windshield Removal Tool. 91 / Piece Min. (4 PACK) TRD Wheel Center Hub Cap Sticker Decal 2. D) that attach to the hubcap and thread on to the lug nuts. Removes the hub or center wheel cover cap to expose the lug nuts. piece of plastic (yes, the wheel covers & hubcaps) interfering with the. right where it meets. "S" Badge in Grey with cutout for 996 C4S. Works great. Find your Phoenix wheel simulator hubs, middle hubs, removal tools and more at Zip's. nuts, and one removal tool. Grime gathers and discolors caps, and scratches can happen. au: Automotive. and plastic dipped handle ensure an easy removal of hub end caps without damaging . Car Trim Removal Tool Kit Set Door Panel Fastener Auto Dashboard Plastic Tools. I use a little plastic tool that they remove bicycle tires with. US$10. 00 *. for next time when getting work done) Seems fine although bit expensive for some plastic. Buy cleanout plugs in Brass, ABS, PVC or Polypropylene. Get Images that. Open up the kit and locate the hub cap remover, which looks like a large flat head . Prepare the Place and Secure the Necessary Tools. The Cary Company has a diverse line of caps and closures! Plastic caps for sealing, dispensing, spraying, pumping or misting. damaging the wheels or destroying the plastic caps? what's the trick?. Blue316. hub cap removal tool ? Save Share. the rims have started to tarnish and the chrome plating is coming off, i think this has jammed them in there. Find Weld Racing Center Caps and Hub Covers and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Weld Racing offers a complete line of replacement center caps and cover cap kits for their wheels. Whether you have protective caps or a full wheel cover, this video shows the proper tools and method for removing these items. if there's a special tool for removing these little aluminum or "pot metal" caps without damaging?. 5” and 24. Rear Hub Caps (+ 38) Front (+ 23) Steer Axle (+ 2) Rear (+ 43) Front Hub Caps (+ 39) Drive Axle (+ 3) Front & Rear (+ 18) Make/Model Make Mack Freightliner International Peterbilt Kenworth Ford Volvo Western Star Hino GMC Sterling Isuzu Model Display of 1920s automobile hubcaps and a removal tool Hubcaps were first used on the Newton Reaction Carriage in 1680. Problem with doing that in very cold weather is the plastic “legs” can crack. box that is used to unlock and remove the black plastic wheel caps. Plastic cap styles include continuous thread plastic caps, child resistant caps, tamper evident caps, dispensing caps, lotion pumps, mist sprayers and trigger. From basic push-through replacements to fully polished aluminum hex-style lug covers, Weld Racing has what you need at an affordable price. Any pointers that won't scratch or mess them up? Edited September 27, 2016 by OmniCamaro Remove This Item Edit item. Shop 60 Semi-Truck Wheel + Hubcap Covers at Northern Tool + Equipment. Has anyone had experience in removong the chrome hub caps on their MH? It looked simple, like a car. Plastic Cap for Steel Wheel Weight Hammer, 5-Pack. We also have the black plastic caps and lug nut covers used on the late model sport wheels. Evaluate your hubcap system before beginning so you can tell what type of tools you'll need to remove it. 5/8"-18 female threaded and supplied with lock nut. 5” Wheels It’s a One-Piece Wonder To remove paint from a contoured plastic surface like a chair, use a razor blade in the manner described above. Replacing this type of hubcap is also easy, as you only have to unscrew each plastic nut to remove the hub cap. Round off the corners and voila - absolutely perfect tool for hub cap removal. Hub Cap Plastic Center - 1977-86 Ford Truck, 1977-86 Ford Car Part #: D5TZ-1141-A. The wide, angled prying blade lets you get a better grip on the back of the hub and dust caps to pop them off with less prying than if you used a screwdriver or putty knife and that translates to less or no damage to the cap's edges. Customers who bought this product also bought. 1 review. Center Caps Tyre Rim Hub Cap Cover ABS Plastic (Fits. Ford Wheel Trim Centre Cap Removal Tool,OE REF 1029454. Using wheel wrench 3, turn hub cap 1 counter-clockwise and remove it. Nut Cover Removal Tool, Wheel Bolt Nut Cap Clamp Removal Tool Pliers, Universal Tyre Nut Protector Removal Tool for Skoda Seat Vehicle 4. Set of 4 Options, CLICK HERE trying to remove hubcaps on my new to me 1984 500sec. All my plastic trim tool tips are now bent. 99 set. Shop for OTC Hub Cap Removal Tool Part #: 5758 for your vehicle. Raise Front of Vehicle. This tool is the first tool used when removing wheels from a vehicle. Buy Steelman HubCap Remover Auto Tool for Mechanics, Heavy-Duty Steel,. and buy some plastic tire tools. This item may be a floor model or store return that has been used. STEELMAN 75031 Hub Cap Remover: Amazon. 11 Sep 2019. Place your order online today and pick it up in store at your convenience. THIS WILL WORK ON ANY VEHICLE BUT THE VEHICLE BEING USED IS A. 9 Apr 2020. 13 Apr 2015. Qualifies for FLAT RATE SHIPPING* In Stock. Here's how to take off and reinstall a plastic wheel cover on a 2009 Toyota Corolla without breaking it. 000800 Removal Tool One-Piece Hub Cover System for 10-Hole, 285. WARNING: Do not use a common screw driver, as . Maximum stud standout 3”. In the picture below, you'll see the large, p. The first two steps are to engage the emergency / parking brake and chock both sides of the rear wheels to prevent the vehicle from moving. it may be delivered in non-retail packaging, such as a plain or unprinted box or plastic bag. on the aluminum wheels it has a little notch where you would put a screwdriver or a prybar and pop the cap off. 99 Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 4 This wheel cap service tool simplifies the removal of hub and wheel caps. Removing the scratches is fairly easy, and you can clean and polish the hubcaps at the same time. Requires a minimum of 3 threads per stud. 9 out of 5 stars 32 $41. The reason I was having difficulty removing the plastic hub cap was due to the washer that the hub cap fits  . I would suggest putting the tab behind the center cap, and pulling straight out with it, rather than prying. Both versions feature plastic dipped handle for better ergonomics and grip. 92 US$8. 087100S Rear Axle Kit includes: Hub Piloted Chrome Two rear covers and one removal tool. Sale. Fully sorted car Revo stage 2 with brake and suspension upgrades. Item#95832 $12. Gently pry off the plastic wheel cover or "hub cap" straight off the front wheel with a pry bar tool. 80 Pro Comp 51 Series Rock Crawler, 17x8 Wheel with 6 on 5. Test plugs, caps and Tom Kap adaptors for end of pipe cleanouts. Display of 1920s automobile hubcaps and a removal tool. The other day I noticed the center plastic hub on the driver side was loose. The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions as intended. Genuine Audi 8L0012243 Wheel Cap Removal Tool: Amazon. 75mm, 22. Rust and corrosion resistant black oxide protective coating The four 1/2-inch drive twist sockets can be used to remove Corvette, Ford, and GM M and F body, hubcap, lug and wheel cover locks. A hubcap is a decorative disk on an automobile wheel that covers at minimum the central. When you remove a hubcap it seems like its going to break, but check how easy it is to remove. Laguna. All. Hub & Hub-Drum: Hub Components Dexter’s commitment to quality continues, with our full line of hub and hub-drum components replacement parts. Then, pull the cap off. I was using a screw driver to try . 69 18% Off 20Pcs Universal 19mm Car Wheel Bolt Nut Caps Cover ABS Plastic with 2Pcs Removal Tools Chrome/Gloss Black/Matte Black 0 review COD US$6. lock while either running impact gun in reverse, or turning ratchet/wrench counterclockwise with. Remove the end caps by inserting the bearing installation tool spindle (T1&T2) into one side of the hub and gently tap out the . do I have to take the Lugnuts off first? To get the cap off. SKU: US27-9901. I took the passenger hub off and the driver side hub screwed right on, so it is not the plastic lugs making the problem. 95 23% Off 4Pcs 54MM Black Plastic Car Emblem Badge Wheel Center Hub Caps For Mini Cooper 10 reviews COD Choose from our selection of bearing tools, including external grip pullers and separators, internal grip pullers, and more. Phoenix Alcoa ABS Plastic Hub Cover Accessory Kit. I am sure he was thinking of a lug wrench, which is not the tool I was . suits all following nut sizes. Easy to follow instructions showing how to remo. Just pinch the lug nut cover with the pliers and pull the cover off. Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! The reason I was having difficulty removing the plastic hub cap was due to the washer that the hub cap fits over. org/Knowing how to remove or take off your hub caps can really help you from having to buy another wheel cover! In this . . 45. The STEELMAN 75031 Hub Cap Remover is the heavy duty tool that makes light work of hub and dust. Oil Filter Wrench End Cap Set, 6 Pc. Turn one lug nut counterclockwise with a lug wrench to loosen it. Again, protect yourself by parking your car on a flat surface, engaging the parking brake, and chocking the wheels. For less than $10 bucks, you can remove all 4 in about 5 minutes. JEGS Hub Cap Hammer | 14” Long | Ideal for Removing Hub Caps or Wheel Covers and Installing Them Without Damage | Plastic Handle With Rubber Faced Hammer This will surely strip the threads on your plastic lugs, and in time, your hub cap will fall off. 13 Sep 2017. In case of bolt-on hub caps, remove the bolts and nuts first. The NIBCO PVC DWV cap is used in residential and commercial drain, waste and vent systems. 5” Long | Ideal for Removing Hub Caps or Wheel Covers Without Damage | Plastic Handle at Desertcart. Wall and floor covers, removal wrench. Solution for Removing RV Plastic Hub Covers that Attach to Lug Nuts The Wheel Masters Lug Nut Cover Pliers, part # WM8211, are designed to remove any size lug nut covers. The plastic tips on these tools are perfect for separating the hubcap without . Removing and replacing a hubcap takes only a few minutes, and requires only a screwdriver or a lug nut wrench, depending on your hubcap type. plastic or some material softer than the wheel to allow prying off the cap. I've got stock . Customers can be assured by the stringent guidelines that Dexter uses to qualify every bearing cup, race, seal or wheel stud before considering it on their product. S. org/Knowing how to remove or take off your hub caps can really help you from having to buy another wheel cover! In this video, we will sho. Once you completely unscrew all of the plastic lugs from a wheel cover, you can then take the hubcap off by hand. Universal Chrome Front Hub Cap. JMesh Member. Simply place the tool around  . £26. S. I plan on blasting and recoating them in the spring and really dont wanna mess them up after. ✓FREE . 10 Jul 2012. Items 1 - 18 of 136. The first domestic automobile to use a full plastic wheel cover was the Chevy Monza tha. 99 $ 41 . I had one last wheel cover to remove and the plastic nut appears to be stuck and the key wrench keeps slipping as the edges are getting . [3] The first hubcaps were more commonly known as dust or grease caps. 5 Bolt Pattern - Black - 51-7883 May 28, 2013 · I cant figure this out. The socket can be found in the tire-change tool kit. They are plastic inside so cannot take a lot of torque. Chrome Front Wheel Covers Hub Axle Semi Plastic Abs Pair 33mm Nut Covers 1 Pair. 72. 1141: Plastic Center 55/56 Wheel Cover - Order 5 Per car: Aug 08, 2017 · To remove the front wheel the flexible center hub cap must first be removed. Likely. Most hubcaps are attached to your wheel with plastic clamps around the . Car Alloy Wheel Center Hub Cap Plastic for Maruti Swift/Swift DZIRE/ERTIGGA/ . 19mm Car Wheel Nut Covers Wheel Hub Nut Lug Nut Bolt Cap Cover Hook Removal Tool. Free Shipping On Orders $45+. Visit our site for coupons and promotions. Bend the locking tang down from the outer spindle nut and remove spindle nut. of this, so I can go to parts department. Material: Plastic Style: 15 Hole Finish: Silver Painted Size: Fits 15 Inch Steel Wheels Lugs: 5 Indents: 9594719, 9592961 OE Part Number: 9594967, 9592961 Notes: Includes Plastic Fastening Caps and Center Cap. These 9-piece kits include a GM hubcap lock remover, GM sprocket hubcap lock. Compared with the traditional way of removing hub end caps, this tool won´t damage cups or hub. Hub Pilot. I tried to hand tighten the plastic lug nut covers but the hub fell off. . Using a flat-bladed screw driver, or similar flat-edged tool, gently pry up on the outer lip (edge) of the hub cap until it becomes free. To take off the rack, remove the plastic caps and access the bolts hidden . I. 4 out of 5 stars 72 £2. some of factory spoke hub caps back in the 80s did have a wrench to remove the center screw before hub cap can be removed. The STEELMAN 75031 Hub Cap Remover is the heavy duty tool  . 15 Sep 2010. Remove any bolts, using an Allen key set, a Phillips head screwdriver or the provided wheel key that came with the wheel. Remove the wheel(s). Include description. You may even have a T-wrench to remove the nuts. Ken-Tool 31568 Standard Wheel Cover Puller or Replacer. The lowest-priced item that has been used or worn previously. Hub Cap Removal Tool Modengzhe 20 Pcs Plastic Car Wheel Nut Lug Covers, 17mm Inner Hex Width Car Wheel Bolt Dust Cap with Removal Clip, Black $9. The lug nuts on these vehicles (fig. Are those tire tools made from plastic or metal? I'm guessing plastic. hubcaps off with the lug nut wrench that they find in the flat repair kit in. Before usin. Still, tending to the caps is relatively easy, and the job can take anywhere from 10 minutes to half an hour. What I discovered is that there is a washer that the hub cap fits over. 99. Underneath is a rubber plug covering the hole in the hub cap, and under that rubber plug is the zerk fitting. If so, for some you do need to remove the lugs because with some hubcap. Most people do not know how to safely remove Wheel Covers and. In stock and ready to ship. 2. these can typically be removed with a lug wrench, and . Remove the grease or oil cap by unscrewing it counterclockwise while holding the hub stationary. In Stock. 38 US$12. Shop plumbing wrenches & specialty tools and a variety of plumbing products online at Lowes. I've been trying to remove the Plastic chrome Wheel skins from my Escape,. Browse a variety of top brands in Semi-Truck Wheel + Hubcap Covers such as Phoenix USA, Roadmaster, and Mile Marker from the product experts. I can't figure out how to get the center cap off. 22 Sep 2012. Hub Pilot for 10-Hole, 285. Screw-on caps have a plastic nut that attaches to your vehicle's existing lugs. PVC DWV cap features a hub connection to fit over the end of a pipe to create a seal. 2x Plastic Presshead (T6). JEGS Hub Cap Hammer | 14” Long | Ideal for Removing Hub Caps or Wheel Covers and Installing Them Without Damage | Plastic Handle . 18 Jan 2017. I use the wood at 90 degrees to the screwdriver, as a base to leverage the cap off as well. The price without any other purchase is $25 each, but with a hubcap purchase is only $10 each!! Snap-on HCH1A Hub Cap Remover Installer Tool. it will be around the hubcap somewhere. 2 on hub cap 1. makes removak easy and wont scratch the wheel. 39 $5. 11 May 2017. 5” Wheels Chrome 088100S - BLK Front Axle Kit includes: Two front covers, ten retention nuts, and one removal tool. If you find. Product details Tool won't damage cups or hub http://www. So, a cheap ( about $8 or $9 dollar Freightliner cap removal tool is what's needed. Now I can take off and re-install those plastic add-on hub caps with ease and without fear of damaging them. Buy JEGS Center Cap Removal Tool | 4. You don't have to take all 4 wheels of your car to pop out the center caps. The tool is available in two versions; smaller one that covers hubs with 12 mm & 15 mm through axles and bigger version that works with 20 mm through axle hubs. A plastic putty knife or a set of trim tools will pry. Don't let changing tires be a pain just because there's something between you and the wheel. There's a slight notch in the plastic cap disc that allows a pry tool. Front Wheel Hub Puller for Small to Midsize Lug Patterns 66350 Separates the front hub from the axle on front wheel drive cars. com. Order: 5000 Pieces removal tool. http://www. Jul 18, 2017 · NOTE: For models with front wheel center plastic dust / hub caps: Cap Removal - Using a flat-bladed screw driver, or similar flat-edged tool, gently pry up on the outer lip (edge) of the cap until it becomes free. 5) To reinstall: The STEELMAN 9 piece Hubcap and Wheel Lock Removal Kit is perfect for working on GM, Corvette, Ford or Chrysler. Yeah, I symphathize with you; just bought a '93 Riv with these %%##@@ wire wheel covers and found the special plastic "tool" in the trunk. The Unior Hub Genie's expanding collet and plastic dipped handle ensure an easy removal of hub end caps without damaging them. Thank you! Hi all I have a 2017 Tacoma SR model with the factory steel wheels. The screw driver was behind the washer and not the hub cap itself. hubcaps use "fake" plastic lug nuts which typically connect to your existing lug nuts. x $. in: Car. Looking for additional . 17 Jul 2012. To re-install the hub cap, center it on the washer and gently tap on it with a rubber hammer until it securely "seats" on the washer. This wheel cover tool also comes with a wide extractor made to take off your hubcaps without cracking them. 49 Hub caps, however, do more for your ride than simply make it look sharper. It's the large. Quickly remove wire wheel cover locks with variable inside drive keys on GM, Ford and Chrysler. On a side note i scored 2 of these at a local garage sale the guy had no. Brand New. plastic hub cap removal tool